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Two types of database load wizards exist:
  • the Manage Archive Wizard for uploading, downloading, synchronizing, and upgrading archive (configuration) databases.
  • the Security Copy Wizard for restoring the Security System databases of the BCPro Workstation, Router, and Gateway devices

Both wizards use the ActionQ (ActionQueue) to initiate and monitor the load or backup/restore process. The Manage Archive Wizard is described in this section. For information on the Security Copy Wizard, see Security Copy.

Use the Manage Archive wizard to download, upload, synchronize, and upgrade, archive databases. Access the Manage Archive Wizard by selecting Manage Archive Archive from the Tools Menu in offline mode. The Manage Archive Wizard collects information necessary to perform the load such as load type, controller names, and load time. Once you complete the wizard, the load commands are added to the ActionQueue in the BCT. The ActionQ initiates and monitors the load.

Note: When a computer running the BCT is restarted, the BCT application shuts down until a user logs on to the application again. If a load is scheduled and the computer running the BCT is restarted, the load does not start until a user logs on to the BCT application again. Logging on to the BCT restarts the application and automatically starts any scheduled loads.

There are four types of actions:

For more information on the ActionQ, see .

For information on restoring security databases, see .