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Contains a unique reference name for the object that is the full path name of the object through the All Items navigation tree using the unique identifier you specified when you manually created the object. The Item Reference begins with the site and device identifiers (separated by a colon), followed by the identifiers of any parent objects, such as an integration object, field device, or any nested folders, and ends with the identifier of the object itself.

You define the identifier of each object as it is created and the system builds the Item Reference automatically. Once the object is defined, the Item Reference cannot be changed directly. But, the Computer Name attribute of a Site Director or device is the object identifier. If you change the Site Director or device Computer Name attribute, the Item Reference then updates to show the new Computer Name.

If a device has a domain specified in the Domain Name attribute, the name for the domain appears in the Item Reference after the Computer Name:

Computer Name.Domain Name

The following characters are not allowed in references:

@ . , ? * # : ‘ “ ” \ / [ ] < > |

Figure 1 shows an example for a field point object in an MS/TP Field Bus integration.
Figure 1. Example of Item Reference

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