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The Commands dialog box allows you to configure and send a command to a single item in the BCPro system. You can access the Commands dialog box from the Action Menu by selecting Commands. You also can access the Commands dialog box from the BCPro right-click menu (in supported views).

Note: Commands issued through the Commands dialog box are not shown in the Change Results Viewer.
Table 1. Commands Dialog Box Components

Screen Area/Item


Instructions Area

Provides tips to help you send a command.

Show Command Set Drop-Down Menu

Allows you to filter the commands shown in the commands list by:
  • All Commands: Shows all commands for the item.
  • Primary Commands: Shows the commonly used commands for the item.
  • Secondary Commands: Shows the less commonly used commands for the item.
Note: User Preferences determines the default setting.

Commands List

Displays the list of commands available for the selected item. Unauthorized commands are either grayed out (disabled) or not shown (hidden), depending on user preference settings. The default is grayed out. For commands that require parameter values, the fields appear after selecting the command.


Sends the selected command to the object/item. All commands are sent at the default priority for the command.


Closes the Commands dialog box without sending the command.