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Use the predefined Operator Override Report to query the Site or BCPro Workstation for current override conditions. To generate a report, select the site or workstation in the navigation tree and select Operator Override Report from the Query Menu. The query executes for the selected site or workstation. When you select the site and workstation in the navigation tree, the report feature queries both the site and workstation and combines the results in one report.

The query results in a report in the display panel. The report shows the time the query was initiated, the report status, and the report results. The Stop button allows you to cancel a running query at any time. The Copy button allows you to copy the report content to the clipboard. The following figure shows an example of an Operator Override Report. See the Running Reports topic for information on how to run a query.
Figure 1. Operator Override Report Screen

As shown, the Operator Override Report lists all items currently overridden by the operator. For each overridden item, the report displays the item type icon, item name, status, item description, and the current value of the item. See the status column to determine whether an operator overridden item should be released.