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The Display Frame can be divided into up to four display panels. When viewing an item in a display panel, the name, status, and default attribute (usually the present value) of the item you display appear at the top of the display panel. Each display panel can contain different tabs, depending on the item selected from the navigation tree, and each tab shows different information. Dynamic attributes displayed in a panel automatically refresh when changes are detected.

The default display panel is the first empty panel or last unlocked panel if all displayed panels are filled. Display panels are locked while in Edit mode, or may be locked using the Lock button of the selected display panel. If all available panels are locked, you cannot display an additional item in any of the display panels.

You can resize each display panel by dragging its borders, or using an available splitter bar. With some items, an Edit button appears, allowing you to edit the item’s configuration attributes. Editing in online mode with Basic Access is limited to Schedules and Calendars, and no Edit button appears for any other items.

You can drag and drop items into a display panel and navigate among them using the Back and Forward display panel buttons. The display panel holds a maximum history of five items.

If you run any of the predefined reports found in the Query Menu, the result of the query appear in an available panel in a spreadsheet format. Sort the report results by clicking on the column heading, and resize columns by dragging column borders. When you scroll down through the column, the headers remain visible.

The data presented in a report comes from a snapshot of the system at the time you request the report. The displayed data does not automatically refresh and does not support an Edit mode. You can manually refresh the report through the Action Menu.