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The following table describes the two types of audit repositories for storing audit messages in the BCPro system.
Table 1. Audit Repositories



BCPro Workstation Audit Repository

  • Provides permanent storage for audit messages on the BCPro Workstation platform.
  • Places audit messages generated on an BCPro Workstation platform directly into the workstation audit repository.
  • Receives audit messages from multiple Device local audit repositories and provides permanent storage for the audit messages. The BCPro Workstation audit repository is usually defined as the default destination for audit messages from Device local audit repositories.
  • Allows the audit messages stored in the BCPro Workstation audit repository to be displayed in the Audit Viewer.

For information on configuring the default destination, see Default Destination and Message Forwarding.

A Database Timeout Error can occur when viewing audit messages if the repository contains too many unfiltered audit messages before the system times out (typically, one million messages). To prevent this error, back-up and purge audit message records from the repository (JCIAuditTrails) using the Database Manager on a regular basis.