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BCPro Data Server
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The ActionQ contains three main screens.

Table 1. ActionQ Screens




Allows you to view active, scheduled, and completed commands. This screen is the main screen of the ActionQ interface and has three tabs:

  • Actions in Progress - Allows you to monitor, enable/disable, delete, and reschedule commands that are in progress or pending.
  • Scheduled Actions - Allows you to view, enable/disable, delete, and reschedule upcoming scheduled commands.
  • Completed Actions - Allows you to view the status of completed commands, reschedule commands, and clear them from the screen.
Note: A command is pending when it has not been issued because the recipient device is busy as a result of too many incoming commands.
Note: Once a command is issued, it may be complete before a command to disable, delete, or reschedule reaches it.

ActionQ Reschedule a Command Dialog Box

  • Allows clicking the Reschedule button from the Action in Progress, Scheduled actions, or Completed Actions tabs of the ActionQ main screen.
  • Allows you to edit the scheduled start date and time of a command.
Note: If you schedule multiple commands to occur at the same time, not all commands may begin at the specified time because they are waiting for other commands to complete.

ActionQ View Status Dialog Box

  • Appears after clicking the View Status button from the Completed Actions tab of the ActionQ main screen.
  • Allows you to view the completion information of a command, such as destination, start time, end time, final status, error status, and any additional information.